Oklahoma State University

Our Values
1. Quality
Make sure you can always be proud of the work you do, and that no one will need to re-visit a client because of something you did or did not do.
2. Communication
Communicate to everyone with clear, clean, open, honest, and concise language.
3. Solutions
Every problem deserves a resolution or solution.
4. Timeliness
Be responsive to the customer. Don't let work sit if it doesn't have to.
5. Punctuality
Be on time when arriving to work and appointments.
6. Courtesy
Always be courteous toward clients and colleagues.
7. Work
As long as you work to your level of ability, and don't goof off, we will not deny you the diginity of work.
Our Goals
  1. Cooperative Utilization of Resources
    • Interdepartmental
      • Strengthen relationship with IT Division
      • Departmental administration
      • Planning and purchasing
      • First-line contacts
    • Intradepartmental
      Utilize each other's talents as a team
    • Extra-campus
      • Vendors
      • Partnering
  2. Commitment to specific response times
    • Multimedia classrooms and teaching labs: 15 minutes
    • Acknowledgement of voicemail or fax: 4 working hours
    • Acknowledgement of email: 24 working hours
    • Desk-side response (if necessary): 2 working days to 3 weeks
  3. Commitment to realistic timeline for resolutions
    • All emergency or high priority tickets should have appointment or task set on your calendar.
    • Document all changes in priority
    • Don't put it off just because you don't feel like doing it, or you aren't sure how to proceed (see goal #1).
  4. Increase communication tools and disseminate information to the college.
    • Types of information
      • Available resources
        • Web page
        • Other tools we may develop
      • Ongoing projects
      • Product information & pricing for recommended products
      • Common problems and solutions
        • Notes certificates
        • Login problems
        • Tip sheets
  5. Personalize our support service
    • Leave business cards
    • Build rapport with clients
      • Introduce yourself
      • Periodic check-ins
      • If you're in the area, drop by
    • Be understanding, personable and professional
  6. Increase accountability
    • Accurate and thorough internal documentation of work
    • Accurate and thorough communication with external sources
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