Oklahoma State University

                     Services We Provide


New Computers:

  • Pre-purchase consulting (assessment, advice, quote preparation)
  • Configuration and Setup (delivery, software installation, network configuration, peripheral setup)


Existing Computers:

  • Upgrades – Software (operating systems, applications, network client)
  • Upgrades – Hardware (printer, scanner, memory, hard drive, cd-rom and floppy drives)
  • Hardware Repair or Replacement (troubleshoot problems and assist in ordering new if necessary)
  • Software Analysis (troubleshoot software incompatibilities, re-installations)
  • Facilitate Warranty Work and Serve as Liaison with vendors (provide loaner equipment when available, spare parts inventory)


Computer Labs, Multimedia Classrooms and Carts:

  • consulting
  • Design assistance
  • Computer and peripheral installation
  • Software installation and configuration
  • Upgrade and replacement consulting
  • Key contact training
  • Maintenance (Emergency and Scheduled)


Local Area Network Servers:

  • Netware system administration
  • Apple OS X system administration
  • Apple share/IP server administration
  • Server configurations and upgrades


Educational Volume Software:

  • Coordinate volume software purchases for titles not available through
  • Information Technology Division(IT)



  • Team station
  • NetMeeting


Technical Services Website:

  • Announcements
  • Event postings
  • FAQs
  • Important links
  • Staff information
  • Comment/Feedback